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10 Key Questions for Selecting an Exceptional Landscape Maintenance Provider

by Mark Richards, Woodlake Outdoor


You probably drive by businesses and corporate campuses every day; however most don’t grab your attention. But there are the exceptions, the landscapes that take your breath away. Engaging. Spectacular. Memorable. Superior properties are the result of an established team of capable experts with a maintenance strategy executed to the highest degree of performance. These are the standards we hold ourselves to at Woodlake Outdoor. When choosing a commercial landscape maintenance provider, here are 10 key questions to ensure you hire the company your property deserves:

  1. How long has the company been in business? Longevity in business speaks to its management, operational ability, and customer relations. If a company has a decade or two of quality work under its belt, it’s not only surviving, it’s likely thriving.
  2. Is the staff qualified and diversified? It’s not always how large a company is. It’s their experience, diverse expertise, and comprehensive knowledge that sets apart good teams from great ones. At Woodlake Outdoor, we have 220 years of combined experience in commercial landscape maintenance and construction, horticultural services, and masonry.
  3. What is the quality of work? Does the company deliver the quality and results it promises? Be sure you hire a team that can take your project from design to reality. View photos of their projects, or drive by their properties.
  4. Do they have a strong reputation? There are a number of ways you can verify the integrity and legitimacy of companies today. Online reviews and personal references can be very illuminating, be sure to utilize these!
  5. Have they serviced comparable properties to yours? It doesn’t do you any good if the maintenance provider doesn’t specialize in your type and size of property. Make sure they are capable of meeting all your specific needs. Also, confirm they are well-versed in the soils, climates, and nuances of Texas landscapes!
  6. What is the range of services offered? Be sure the landscape company you choose has comprehensive services so you can avoid hiring multiple vendors to maintain your property. Many times, the more a company offers, the more seamless its services are.
  7. How are their services priced? Be sure you’re comparing apples to apples in regards to costs. Ask how they calculate their cost of services – do they use a generic figure or do they measure the exact acreage and count every tree? Ask for the reasons behind their pricing.
  8. Do they explain the process behind the work? Ask the company to provide an overview of their procedures. When and where will teams work? Where will trailers be parked? Where will workers eat? Ask the provider to walk your property and tell you the work plan.
  9. How does the company communicate with clients? Accountability and communication are key in any business. Sometimes no news is good news, but a maintenance provider needs to give updates and work status – whenever and however you, the client, want it.
  10. Are they proactive and responsive? When reading reviews and referrals, look for these details: Did the maintenance provider foresee potential concerns (solving an issue before it’s a problem)? Did they handle the unexpected in a professional and effective manner? Did they respond to client concerns or questions in a timely manner?

Beautiful landscapes don’t just happen. They are produced by dedicated landscape maintenance teams that bring their skill, care, and devotion to create superior properties. We at Woodlake Outdoor would like to show you how our expertise, artistry, and consistent results will create a property that will make you proud.