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4 Cornerstones for Achieving Excellence as a Landscape Maintenance Provider

When thinking about maintaining something — a property or a partnership — you might think about preserving the status quo or ensuring things stay roughly the same. Not lagging behind, but not progressing either.

That’s the complete opposite of our philosophy as a landscape maintenance provider. Our goal is always to enhance and constantly improve the properties we construct and maintain. We keep the property functioning efficiently and effectively, without question, but we also create an inspired vision for improvement.

Here are four cornerstone areas for landscape maintenance exceptionalism:


Vision and progress are appealing, but excellence in landscape maintenance begins with a basic knowledge of how to properly and expertly care for the property. It begins with a knowledgeable team who have learned and honed their craft over time, and through ongoing education.

The team needs not only the experience, but also the tools and ongoing training to transform knowledge into performance and vision into reality. One valuable activity we undertake is to perform bi-weekly property walk-throughs by peer groups. This allows professional and constructive feedback that produces valuable input, honest accountability, and teamwork, ensuring continuous improvement.


There is a difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it well. And doing it over and over again — with excellence, over time — for the same client. Aligning experience and expertise with high-performance standards delivers results. 

Responsibility is not only between a landscape maintenance provider and the property, but also between the individual team lead and the client. It begins when we first engage with you as a client and clearly determine your needs, develop a plan for your property, and begin our maintenance services. Consistent and timely communication is a key part of this proven process. And while clients differ in the amount and depth of information they ultimately want to receive, they need to know that their property is in good hands with capable and responsible professionals.


Responsibility taken to the next level is dedication. We not only do our job, but we treat your property as if it were our own. That means doing the extra things, the out-of-the-way things, that make a difference between a well-kept property and a truly memorable one that people enjoy for its beauty and artistry. 

Being dedicated means promising to do our best every day so the property can be its best. Your employees and clients know when your property is appreciated and well-tended. And for us, that means involving not only the field team and foremen, but also senior leadership. At Woodlake Outdoor, we engage a broad team in the attention and execution of the property’s maintenance plan.


This is perhaps the most exciting part of our job — having a vision for taking the property from where it is and creating a plan for developing it beyond even what our client had imagined.

We pride ourselves on bringing new ideas to our clients about how to maintain and enhance their properties over time. In fact, innovation is part of our brand promise. We believe that every property has a story and a journey and it’s our goal to achieve its highest potential as the property matures.  

We don’t consider ourselves simply landscape maintenance operators, merely keeping a property at its status quo. We view ourselves as artisans who look at outdoor environments, not for what they are, but what they can become.

This is how a landscape maintenance provider can go beyond maintenance and achieve excellence to surpass even the most discriminating expectations.

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